personal oblivion
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"she kept her face to the floor, moving in her personal oblivion, her sunflower eyes fixed on the predicament of her life we would never understand."

i just had unprotected sex with my best friend so he took me to buy plan b and we laughed about how platonic the whole thing was. cool.

" Home is in my hair, my lips, my arms, my thighs, my feet and my hands. I am my own home. And when I wake up crying in the morning, thinking of how lonely I am, I pinch my skin, tug at my hair, remind myself that I am alive. Remind myself to step outside and greet the morning. Remind myself that it’s all about forward motion. It’s all about change. It’s all about that elusive state.

Diriye Osman, Fairytales for Lost Children (via onlinebabe)

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Starshine - Gorillaz

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